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Hamid Reza Sepehr

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I'm a university graducated with some work exprience of two and half years (@ time of this writing) who mostly does front-end web development and some graphic design too, I love programing, I love skate and surfing, and I CAN'T work without a MAC and coffee!

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If you want to do something, you'll find it's way, if you don't, you'll find it's excuse anyway!

My life

Biography is a movie, but here is the subtitle:

In a beautiful autumn day of 1990, when the leaves started to change color, when the people started harvesting and when the weather came out of his rage, I WAS BORN. Chilhood, this fast going, full of fun sage of life was a meteor for me replete with dreams, funny games, non-sense actions, but not outdoor trips!(still missed those friends around me). As I remember I was 13 when we settled in Mazar-e-sharif and I started to be frequently wondered by weird things. Bakhtar high school in those times was nothing but a bunch of tent classrooms, illiterate, (some racist) teachers, an old, small library, dirt football ground and some old, very large pine trees that seemed to have witnessed many sorrowful scenes. After graduation from Bakhtar high school, when I didn't have any concern about it, I was accepted for Kabul university (it was a real jungle, full of trees and animals!). FOUR YEARS OF WASTE! yeah it's must-face period (and must-waste!). Don't want to talk about it, I was graduated in 2012. In a country that you either need to have money or relationships (but not capablity and skills) to get a job, I was fortunate enough to find a job in a local, small, infant company called Kabulsales (which is extinct nowadays I think). As a website manager I was captured in home-work prison for 9 month. Finally I was freed of jail due to good behaviour. Some nothing-to-do days that came after, thought me that these sort of jobs can not reach me to my dreams but I neglectfull enough to be tempted to work as a web developer in another local company. This time it was an electrical engineering company that were dealing with smart home and hotels, that was AWESOME! This time I escaped the prison after 3 months. From that time on, ME, my friend MURTAZA and MUSTAFA ALOKOZAY are working as freelance web developers under the name of ATOM (I mustly do with front-end). Still have those dreams, still got the potentials to do and still believe in GOD!

12/12/2014 - 12:31 AM - Kabul, Afghanistan

My works

Projects I've done:

Since three years ago, I've done many works in different fields, but here is the top ones.

Taak Inc. Website
A website for Afghanistan
Ketabsara Bookstore
Ruhan's personal website
A mockup for Sareh's website
A mockup for a mobile application

My skills

Here are my web skills:

For Afghans skills are devided into two parts, money-making skills and non-money-making skills. For those whome their minds are wraped in a money div with 2px border like this: <div class="money" style="border:2px solid black">MIND</div>, here are my skills.

















Even in the deallock, sky way is open, just need to learn how to fly!

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+93 (0) 781 297 560


Shahid Sq., Dehbori, Kabul, Afghanistan


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